Effective rehabilitation programs all offer the same core features; intensity, specificity and individual tailoring. What specialist therapy equipment can do is enable you to achieve a greater amount of good quality practice which is essential to drive neuroplasticity and learning skills after neurological damage.

Your rehab journey will be very different to the person next to you and unless you are challenged in every single session then you are missing out on recovery. Specialist equipment helps you to stay focused, achieve the intensity you require and support you in achieving your goals.

Our clinics are incredibly well equipped with modern technology and equipment used in rehabilitation. We also use more mobile technology devices that can assist clients whilst at home with their rehabilitation. We have invested heavily in the latest in rehabilitation robotics and technology because this can help us to drive better outcomes. It is what sets us apart from anywhere else in Australia.

Mobility Technology and Equipment

Our rehabilitation gym equipment can assist yet also challenge activities such as commencing standing, stepping, turning through to running! Our equipment is fully accessible to levels of ability and modified and set up to gain the outcomes you are striving for.

Lexo the Robotic Gait trainer at Advance Rehab Centre
LEXO® Robotic Gait Trainer

The LEXO is our unique state-of-the-art robotic gait training device that helps improve walking ability, speed, endurance, and independence for a wide range of neurological conditions. The Lexo can assist with active therapy time and achieving faster results.

Standing H Frame

An overhead tracking hoist fitted with a comfortable walking harness to assist with gait retraining. The standing H frame safely and securely supports you, reduces risk and provides more confidence when practising functional activities, such as, balance exercises, standing, stepping, reaching, stairs and walking activities.

Body Weight Support treadmill trainer
Body weight support treadmill trainer

Enables gait retraining on a treadmill. It uses an overhead harness to reduce the weight on your feet and provide support while walking on a treadmill. The BWSTT can be used for all neurological clients, particularly when first relearning to walk, and for stability to walk safely overground.

Theratrainer Balo at Advance Rehab Centre
Theratrainer Balo

A therapy device used for standing and dynamic balance exercises. Once standing, clients can safely participate in balance, core stability, postural and upper exercises. The THERA-Trainer Balo is completely adjustable and has an electronic lift option, making it suitable for all neurological clients, including those unable to stand or support themselves independently.

Sliding Tilt Table at Advance Rehab Centre
Sliding Tilt Table

Tilt tables are used to transition clients from horizontal to a standing upright position. This helps to facilitate early weight-bearing and cardiovascular conditioning. The sliding function allows clients to use the tilt table as a lower leg strengthening exercise. The tilt table can be used for all neurological conditions, from low-level clients who cannot stand unsupported to those wishing to return to running.

Theratrainer Bike and VR Bike
Theratrainer Bike and VR Bike

A motorised bike that is specially designed for all neurological conditions. It allows clients to exercise their legs or arms with or without motorised assistance from their chair or wheelchair. It can help to improve power, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, circulation and spasticity. The interactive screen provides real-time feedback to help improve efficiency throughout the session.

Blaze Pods
Blaze Pods

Blazepods are wireless LED pods that light up in a variety of colours, providing visual cues for drills and exercises that can help to improve reaction time, coordination, strength, balance, agility and cognition. Blazepods add an element of fun, excitement and challenges to a therapy session, increasing engagement. They can be used with all neurological conditions and levels.

Strength & Conditioning Gym at ARC
Strength & Conditioning Gym

Our strength and conditioning gym is a fully equipped gym with high-quality equipment, including treadmills, cross-trainers, ski ergs, rowing machines, monster pulley machines, bikes, weights and much more.

Balance Gym at ARC
Balance Gym

Our therapy gyms are fully equipped for gait rehabilitation and balance retraining using a wide range of equipment such as parallel bars, foam mats, wobble boards, river stones, ladders, steps and many more.

Upper Limb Robotic and Technology Suite

Our upper limb suite can help you achieve higher levels of intensity, repetition, engagement and motivation, as well as precision. We are able to include accurate measurements in our assessments, as well as utilising specific pieces of equipment as part of your upper limb rehab program.

Myro Robotics technology

A sophisticated task-oriented rehabilitation device with a sensor-based surface and real objects. The Myro trains gross motor skills, fine motor skills, rotation movement, hand-eye coordination, and motoric coordination. It is especially valuable for people with deficits in motor function, concentration, selective attention, visual-spatial perception, and spatial-perceptive ability.

Amadeo robotics and technology at ARC

A robotics and sensor-based rehabilitation device for use with the individual finger and thumb movements of the hand. The Armadeo is a sophisticated assessment tool and motivates clients to engage in a challenging therapy program, driving excellent results.

Pablo Robotics and Technology at ARC

A very sophisticated computer program that is responsive to both movement and strength changes in the upper limb. The Pablo uses these parameters in training to work on grasp and release, shoulder movement and wrist strength as part of an intensive upper limb training program.

Saebo measuring kit at ARC
Saebo measuring kit

The Saebo flex is a device used in upper limb therapy to facilitate wrist and finger extension to encourage training in grasp and release. In our clinic, we have also found this to be very helpful in improving shoulder strength as well. The Saebo can be custom fit at Advance Rehab Centre and can be used as part of an intensive upper limb training program.

Saebo Rejoice and therapy equipment gym
Saebo Rejoice and therapy equipment gym

The Saebo Rejoice is an upper limb rehabilitation device that has a computerised task-oriented training system to provide exercises to help improve hand function and fine motor skills. It includes a range of activity-based games that challenges speed, endurance, coordination, range of motion, strength, timing and cognitive demand. The games are fully customisable to match the client’s therapy needs.

Bioness H 200
Bioness H 200

A sophisticated electrical device that can be used to stimulate the muscles in the hand and forearm to help with opening and closing the hand. Used in therapy following a stroke or brain injury, the Bioness can assist with the recovery of functional tasks like grasping and releasing objects, opening doors and carrying the shopping. The Bioness needs to be configured for each person and is used as part of an intensive upper limb training program. We can organise in-house trials and rentals throughout the treatment period if required.


A highly sophisticated device with motion sensors that are designed to enhance engagement and adherence within therapy sessions. The sensors attach to any part of the body and connect via Bluetooth to a wide range of games created to engage and motivate clients and assist with reaching a client’s functional goals. The program provides real-time feedback and full remote monitoring capability, which is ideal for telerehabilitation.

Functional Electrical Stimulation
Functional Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation machines send an electrical current into a muscle to produce a contraction. Used for functional training, electrical stimulation devices can help to train functional movement in very weak muscles or those with significant spasticity. This can be used to facilitate the desired movement, such as wrist and finger extension in the hand and forearm or ankle dorsiflexion for foot clearance during walking.

Fine Motor Suite
Fine Motor Suite

Our upper limb room is a fully equipped therapy room with an extensive range of fine motor and dexterity equipment to improve the client’s upper limb and hand goals.

Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation

Our vestibular physiotherapy assessments are assisted by the use of video oculography, force platform and various other specialised technologies.

These technologies are incredibly useful to give you an accurate evaluation of your dizziness,  enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Frenzel Goggles in Advance Rehab Centre Vestibular

Frenzel Googles

Cognitive/Perceptual Assessment and Rehabilitation


Cognitive/Perceptual Assessment and Rehabilitation

Utilising technology to train cognition and perception means we can set homework for you and assess progress accurately. Delivery via computer can often be motivating, safe, and easy to use.

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