• An Exercise Physiology driven program, with Occupational Therapy input through cognitive screening
  • It is an all in one program that involves components of moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise combined with cognitive training
  • Studies have shown that combined physical activity and cognitive training significantly improves cognitive functioning in older adults
  • Clients range from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Early Onset Dementia
  • Any clients wanting to increase their cognitive capacity and mental agility
  • An initial 60-minute Exercise Physiology assessment and 60 minute Occupational Therapy cognitive assessment
  • 12 weeks of 2 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions with an Allied Health Assistant per week involving:
    •  Moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise, coupled with;
    • Cognitive dual tasks that involve memory, attention and visual processing
  • A 30 minute Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy mid-point assessment to assess individual program trajectory
  • A 60-minute Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy final assessment
  • Improvements in attention and concentration – resulting in improved independence, engagement and participation with everyday activities, including independent travel, planning and scheduling appointments, medication management etc.
  • Exercise with 1:1 support providing a non-intimidating environment
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