Occupational Therapy

If you are having difficulties managing everyday things like accessing the community, preparing a meal, dressing, remembering things or returning to work, then your neurological OT can help. They will be able to recommend the right equipment trials, explore modifications to your environment and adopt training strategies as well as many other ways to help you improve the ease with which you go about your day. This can sometimes be the difference between doing what you want independently or relying on others to help you.

During an initial assessment, our occupational therapists will use standardised assessment tools, in-depth task analysis and careful questioning to understand your needs and goals. Following this, together with you and your support network, they will address deficits in the function that will enable you to participate more in self-care, work, leisure, and community activities enhancing the quality of life, while reducing the burden on caregivers and societal resources.

Our experienced team can assess specific challenges in your everyday life and provide customised capacity building treatment plans and reporting where needed.

Our OT can help with the following aspects of your life:

  • Personal care such as showering dressing and grooming

  • Transportation safety and options

  • Meal preparation

  • Seating, positioning and pressure care

  • Productivity at work, school, volunteering and other daily tasks

  • Leisure and recreation

  • Sleep and rest

  • Health and wellness

  • Sensory processing and management

  • Cognition, memory and planning

  • Upper limb movement and fine motor skills

  • Manual Handling

By seeing a neurological occupational therapist you are seeing a professional who understands you, your condition and the impacts this has on your life. You will be seeing someone with in-depth knowledge on the impacts of brain injury, spinal cord injury and chronic conditions.




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Our community is bustling with clients at all stages of recovery and we love to celebrate every individual’s goal achievements, no matter the size of the gain. Visit the ARC Patient Hub for webinars, resources, downloads and more.

We also offer regular online educational webinars for our clients provided by our therapist team that you are welcome to join in.

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