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You or a loved one may have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) recently or some time ago. We work with people who have a variety of difficulties with everyday activities and as every individual is different, we tailor our rehabilitation programs to you and your requirements.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic demyelinating neurological condition that effects people with an individual presentation of symptoms which can include:

  • fatigue

  • muscle weakness

  • reduced balance

  • muscle stiffness (spasticity)

  • pain

  • changes in cognition

  • reduced mobility and function

  • sensitivity to heat

  • vestibular changes

  • tremor

  • visual disturbances

  • bladder and bowel changes

Our approach is multi-disciplinary, which means you will typically be assessed by one of our neuro physiotherapists or occupational therapists who will design a tailored rehab program to help you meet your full potential. Each program is based on an evidence-based approach to therapy, drawing on a customised mix of hands-on treatment, exercise and rehabilitation technology and robotics.

You may be recommended to work with our occupational therapists, exercise physiologists or neuro-muscular orthotist throughout your recovery. This may form part of your program, by addressing your specific needs.

Multiple Sclerosis therapy with robotics
Myro and Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation
Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation in sydney

If you are wanting to improve your transfers, walking or arm and hand movement for instance, an intensive burst of therapy, supported by a structured home exercise program may be indicated. If you want to improve your strength and fitness, we have a range of group classes and offer an ‘At your gym’ program and other return to sport options. Your treatment typically takes place in our Sydney clinics, in your home or a combination of both depending on your personal circumstances.

Rehabilitation programs can include:

  • Relearning everyday tasks such as walking, transfers and using your arm and hand with a focus of improving the quality of movement

  • Exercises to build strength and function in paralysed or weak muscles

  • Fitness training to improve your everyday endurance and capacity

  • Balance training to improve sanding, dynamic tasks such as walking and reduce the risk of falls

  • Hand and arm therapy to drive everyday independence through use of our robotics and technology suite

  • Cognitive and perceptual testing and training to help you with thinking, memory and solving problems through everyday tasks

  • Assessment and trials for equipment you may need to help you with everyday tasks such as walking aids, specialist seating and modification and aids at home.

  • Establish community based goals and exploring options for community participation

Group and Online Programs

As well as individual therapy, we run small group MS specific hydrotherapy and land based group classes.

If you prefer to be assessed at home or live outside of Sydney, our MS clinicians can assess you via telehealth and set you up with a 12 week therapy program as part of our MS Online Program. All of our programs can be done in person, online or with a therapist in the privacy of your home.

Client Community Hub 

Our community is bustling with clients at all stages of MS recovery and we love to celebrate every individual’s goal achievements, no matter the size of the gain.

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Multiple Sclerosis therpay webinar

We also offer regular online MS focussed educational webinars for our clients provided by our therapist team that you are welcome to join in.

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