ARC Mentorship Program

The Advance Rehab Centre mentoring programs give the opportunity to receive mentoring from experienced clinicians who have expertise relevant to your field of practice.

Advance Rehab Centre has a team of 38 multidisciplinary clinicians working in the field of neurological rehabilitation and complex disability. We are able to design a mentorship program based on your, or your organisations learning objectives, and link you up with one of our experienced senior clinicians.

The ARC mentoring programs suit any physiotherapist or occupational therapist who wants to further develop their skills and receive peer support in their career.


Participants to the program have included;


    • Clinicians who work regionally and remotely.
    • Clinicians who lone work or are recently graduated from University.
    • Clinicians wanting to develop skills in community rehabilitation and would like specific complex case management support/discussion.
    • Clinicians wanting to develop skills in NDIS participant management and report writing.
  • Clinicians with specific learning needs which are not being met.

An initial consultation with us will help us establish agreed learning needs and set up a mentoring program for you, or your organisation.

Sessions are delivered via video conferencing and scheduled in advance, and can include as many of your team members as you feel appropriate. Sessions can be delivered onsite at Advanced Rehab Centre if this is preferred by the organisation or clinician receiving support.



If you would like to speak to someone about the ARC mentoring program or would like any further information, please contact Lynn Tullock on