Since 2009, Advance Rehab Centre has become a training and development site for students, clinicians and associated health professionals. Our evening lecture program, courses and clinical programs have helped to advance the role of allied health in community clinical practice.

Monthly Evening Lectures

Each month we host an Evening Lecture presented by an expert clinician, Consultant or academic in the neurological and complex disability space. These evening lectures are well attended and normally fill the room with over 60 health professionals or patients.

Overlapping syndromes in
Functional Neurological Disorders

Date: Tuesday 13th October

Time: 6.00pm

Where: Virtual

Cost: FREE

Speaker: Rowena Mobbs

Dr Rowena Mobbs is a cognitive neurologist at Macquarie University Hospital, Mater Hospital, and Harbour Neurology Group. She leads a clinic for the care of patients with FND called the FiND Clinic, and has a research interest in concussion, subconcussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Dr Mobbs advocates the importance of working within a team of specialists towards individualised management and best outcome.


Functional disorders can present as a wide array of symptoms, but often other conditions can overlap. What information helps doctors to decide between FND causing neurological symptoms, and other disorders?

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Connectomics & TMS 

Date: Tuesday 27th October 2020

Time: 6.00pm

Where: Virtual

Cost: FREE

Speakers: Professor Charlie Teo & Dr. Mike Sughrue from Cingulum Health

Charlie Teo is truly a global neurosurgeon. In demand across all continents for his willingness to offer surgery to those who have been given no hope, he has appointments in Australia, the USA, India, Vietnam and Singapore. Prof. Teo strongly believes that a surgeon’s responsibility to his patients shouldn’t end after surgery. In keeping with his desire to find cures for recurrent brain tumours he has raised over $20 million that has been used to fund research scientists both in Australia and abroad. He has done this through the Cure for Life Foundation, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (Charity of the Year 2016) and currently the Charlie Teo Foundation.


Connectomics provides a depth of understanding beyond what is common practice today in the neurological, psychiatric and rehabilitation fields. The understanding of Connectomics empower practitioners when treating a variety of neurological conditions. In the neurosurgical fields, many unexpected poor outcomes may be avoided using pre-operative connectomic information and thus leaving our patients with a higher chance of effective rehabilitation.


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Conferences and Workshops

Our team of expert clinicians regularly present at National and International Conferences, Seminars and workshops presented here in Australia by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, ESSA, OT NSW, Parkinson’s NSW, Stroke Recovery Association NSW, Polio Australia, and many others including the British Geriatric Society, ACPIN UK and more.

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University Affiliations

We have a standing relationship with both Macquarie University and Australian Catholic University to supervise their students on clinical placement and support them in their honors projects. We take this role seriously and have a dedicated clinical educator to ensure the competencies of future Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

Expos and Patient Education Seminars

Our team regularly host booths and stalls at Disability and Neurologically specific expos, seminars and support group meetings. Our aim is to connect with individuals, family members and health professionals to learn about the services and emerging trends in this area as well as to assist directly in educating people of the benefits of expert rehabilitation.

Patient stories, education videos and blog

We like to celebrate the success of the people who receive our services by nominating them for our Gold Star Awards  Every month we dive deep into a clinical education topic and present within the team each week on an aspect of this topic. This is then recapped in videos for people living with or associated with this topic area. If you have a particular topic you want us to present on, let us know!