Exercise Physiology

An ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist is a highly trained and qualified clinician who designs and delivers personalised exercise and lifestyle programs if you are living with a chronic condition or other disabilities. They have a key understanding of how different bodies respond to exercise, which is vital when working with people with complex disability or with challenging neurological symptoms.

Why is exercise important?

Engaging in exercise can be very difficult if you are living with a chronic condition. Support with a well-designed exercise program delivers a wide range of benefits. Exercise can help you by:

  • Improving troubling symptoms like pain, fatigue and poor sleep

  • Boosting your motivation and mental wellbeing

  • Making it easier for you to complete daily activities by building endurance and energy levels

  • Connecting with other people, whether at a club, gym or just getting outdoors

  • Reducing cardiovascular risk factors

  • Establishing positive routines that help with weekly structure

Our team of Exercise Physiologists work alongside other healthcare professionals – such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians – to ensure that your exercise program aligns with all the other aspects of your treatment or care.

There’s no doubt that having a chronic condition can have a huge impact on your general motivation. With a supportive health professional like an Exercise Physiologist in your corner, it’s much easier to overcome any lack of motivation and keep you on the best path so that you can reap all the benefits that exercise has to offer.

Working in close collaboration with the wider team, our Exercise Physiologists spend their time between our clinics and your home, visits with our clients, delivering a mix of one-on-one and group classes in a location convenient to you.

Very broadly, here’s what to expect at a typical exercise physiology session:

  • An assessment – including your difficulties, how you move and your goals

  • Prescription of a tailor-made exercise program to improve your physical and mental wellbeing

  • Education about the importance of physical activity

  • Support with sticking to the program and flexibility in our delivery

  • Advice and support on long-term care management and behavioural change

  • Helping you find ways to participate in social activities, community programs or trying out a new inclusive sport or recreation activity

By seeing an Exercise Physiologist, you are seeing a professional who understands you, your condition and the impact this has on your life. With this information along with a thorough assessment, they will work closely with you to improve both your physical, and mental, capacity and wellbeing.




We also offer regular online EP focused educational webinars for our clients provided by our therapist team that you are welcome to join in.

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