If you are having difficulties managing everyday things like getting out of the house, dressing, remembering things or returning to work, then your Neurological OT can help in several ways. They will be able to recommend the right equipment, modifications to the environment, cognitive or memory training strategies as well as many other ways to help you improve the ease with which you go about your day. This can sometimes be the difference between doing what you want independently or relying on others to help you.

An Occupational Therapist will work closely with you and your support networks to enable full participation in the activities you enjoy the most.

It is essential that your Occupational Therapist thoroughly understands your needs and goals in order to help you build the best pathway to help you achieve your ambitions. The initial assessment is the first step in this process.

There is a growing and sophisticated range of assistive technologies and equipment that your Occupational Therapist can recommend to further support your independence.

Our experienced team can assess specific challenges in your everyday life and provide customised capacity building plans including:
• Personal care such as showering dressing and grooming.
• Transportation safety and options
• Meal preparation
• Seating, positioning and pressure care
• Productivity at work, school, volunteering and other daily tasks
• Leisure and recreation
• Sleep and rest
• Health and wellness
• Sensory processing and management
• Cognition, memory and planning
• Upper limb movement and fine motor skills
• Manual Handling
Support can vary and may involve modifying your environment,  recommending equipment or building your independence and capacity in specific skills.


These recommendations can be quite straight forward from simple equipment prescription specifically for your needs to customized seating and wheelchair prescriptions.

Advance Rehab Centre OT’s are also experienced in Special Disability Accommodation

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