Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory demyelinating neurological condition that effects people with an individual presentation of symptoms.

People with MS can present with a variety of symptoms from fatiguemuscle weaknessreduced balancespasticitypainchanges in cognitionreduced mobility and function, sensitivity to heat, vestibular changes, tremor, visual disturbances, bladder and bowel changes or a reduced quality of life

How we can help

We have an experienced team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Occupational Therapists along with a neuromuscular orthotist who have been treating individuals with Multiple Sclerosis for many years.

Our state of the art clinic has innovative rehabilitation equipment that in conjunction with hands on therapy assists in the process of improving function and cognition.

We offer individual therapy as well as hydrotherapy and land based group classes. Each program is individually tailored for you and your needs. Our programs can be done in person, online or with a therapist in the privacy of your home.

We see people who are newly diagnosed through to those who have been managing with MS for many years.

Programs and Services

Clinic services

Visit our Sydney clinic with state-of-art equipment and full gymnasium for your therapy.
Services include 1:1 assessment and individual clinician sessions, Speech Therapy, Vestibular services, OT cognitive assessment and training and Orthotics.
Group services include our Seating Clinic, Exercise Classes, Stand Walk Run or Upper Limb Bootcamp.

Home services

Our clinicians can visit your home, local gym or even in a local open space such as a park or beach to deliver your personal treatment where it suits you best

Online services

Tailored 12 week exercise program includes assessment and 1:1 sessions delivered in conjunction with a senior physiotherapist that you can do from the privacy of your home.

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