Intensity of therapy practice is essential if you have a functional capacity goal and want to achieve the best out of your rehab program. The addition of technology into a therapy program allows you to achieve higher levels of intensity, repetition, engagement and motivation as well as precision which means that you can achieve your goals faster. 

Why Intensity?

The human nervous system is amazing and has a huge capacity to re-wire itself to become as efficient as possible when responding to changes in mobility, cognition and ability due to brain or spinal cord damage. It is commonly believed that the sooner you start your rehab following your injury or illness the better your outcomes are likely to be. As therapists, we have also seen excellent outcomes in people many years down the track. In order to optimise re-learning of movement, thinking and level of independence, it is essential that you have sufficient level of quality and challenging practice, at the right intensity (multiple times a day, repeated throughout your day). This is to ensure that as much re-wiring as possible takes place and then most importantly, carried over into everyday tasks. 

Lexo the Robotic gait trainer at ARC
Advance Rehab Intensive Therapy Centre
Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation at ARC

How can using robotics and technology help?

We have invested heavily in the latest in rehabilitation robotics and technology because this can help us to drive a greater volume of quality practice and therefore better outcomes. It is what sets us apart from anywhere else in Australia. Our technology allows us to achieve higher levels of intensity, repetition, engagement and motivation, as well as precision. The robotics and technology are incorporated into both of our signature intensive rehab programs and, together with our skilled therapists, it aims to achieve the best rehab outcomes. 

What will my program look like?  

Treatment programs vary enormously as every person has very individual needs. We work closely with you and your support network to make sure we are adhering to the strong clinical evidence supporting intensity as best we can. Programs can work with you up to five days a week for between 2-8 weeks either in clinic, at home, via telehealth or a combination of all.  

Having experienced hands-on training with a neuro therapist drives the absolute best quality rehabilitation. We also fully recognise that there are real barriers to delivering intensive programs. Logistics, work/family commitments, funding are to name a few. We will work with you to make sure you receive the optimum level of intensity by clearly prescribing homework for you to do independently or with a support person. We aim for a bare minimum of three face to face therapy sessions per week.. Be it working 1:1 with a therapist, or by doing the majority of the exercises at home, we aim to deliver up to 80 hours of therapy. We do this because the volume and intensity of practice is the key to success. This may seem like a lot and it is, but we will help you achieve it!

ARC’s Signature Intensive Rehab Programs  

We offer two signature intensive programs which integrate robotics and technology. The skill and expertise of our therapy team combined with our equipment provide the best of both worlds: higher levels of quality intensity practice, engagement and precision in your rehab program.  

Stand. Walk. Run is designed to help you improve your functional mobility and independence for daily activities. Identified goals around bed mobility, transfers, standing for dressing through to walking and perhaps even running. Following your assessment, the treatment program will be fully tailored to you and your needs.   

Hands Up! is designed to help you get your hand and arm moving better. Identified goals around daily tasks like dressing and grooming, eating a meal and food preparation through to playing the guitar and more. Following your assessment, the treatment program will be fully tailored to you and your needs. How do I know if it is the right program for me? Our experienced therapists conduct a very in-depth assessment considering your condition, your problems (both in movement, perception and cognition) and alongside you, develop your rehab goals. This gives us the information we need to make decisions around what your treatment program looks like. More often than not, if we have a clear functional change goal, we address this goal by recommending an intensive program.

Following an initial assessment, your therapist will discuss with you whether they think an intensive program approach will best suit your rehabilitation needs.




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